Reflective Journal- week 10

1. What did you actually learned from the unit. The topic this week caused me to look at myself and evaluate how I handle change and what I can do better. Although kinda silly, the “Who Moved My Cheese” video actually really got me thinking. The writing on the wall is what impacted me the most. I was reminded that change is always happening, and you can choose whether to adapt, learn, and grow from it; or get stuck in your ways and resist it. This week, I also learned and thought about what it would be like, as a nurse leader, to have to help implement changes. I don’t think it would be easy to do because many people tend to be resistant to change. However, I learned that there are techniques I can use to help implement change successfully. 

2. Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why? I feel like I learned a lot from listening to my teammates responses to this weeks discussion. Each person pointed out specific things from the “Who Moved My Cheese” video, or from their own thought and experiences with change, that really stood out to me and widened my understanding of the topic. For example, on teammate talked about being careful to not surround yourself with ‘energy suckers’. She related this to Hem and Haw, and that Hem was a downer and if Haw had allowed himself to continue with Hem, he would’ve had all the energy sucked out of him and wouldn’t have been able to progress. In our lives, we can choose to surround ourselves with uplifting things and uplifting people instead of ‘energy suckers’. Another teammate pointed out the importance of writing your goals and insights down, just like the writings on the wall from the video. We are better able to accomplish and focus on our goals when they are written out. And one other teammate brought up the fact that even if monitoring and adapting to change doesn’t come naturally or easily to you, you can still work at it and do your best and if you do and are willing, then you can still learn to adapt successfully to change. These were all things that added to the knowledge I had already gained from the video and enhanced my learning further. It was super useful to discuss this topic and learn from one another as a team.

3. How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice. First of all, I intend to try and be more open to change, and also to anticipate it better. I think if I can anticipate change, that will help me to know that it is coming and is necessary. Also, I think the things I learned will be very useful when I am in management or leadership positions in the future. Having an idea of how to implement change and get people on board with it, by including them in the process, seeking the input of everyone, and involving people in deciding on changes will be very valuable as I try to lead people in change.

4. You personal feelings about the material covered. I enjoyed learning about change, and managing change. I tend to be a person who actually likes change (for the most part). I get bored when things stay stagnant for too long, so I like it when things switch up once in awhile. But, I have learned that most people are the opposite. So, the material this week was really good for me. It caused me to think about why people resist change, and how I might be able to help them navigate that as a nurse leader. I enjoyed the readings, and especially the video. I also tried to take the “wouldn’t that be just like me” challenge that was discussed in the lecture this week. One of the changes/choices that I made was on one afternoon when I decided to throw my whole schedule out the window and just let my kids play outside with friends and just kinda have a relaxed afternoon (instead of the usual- get homework done and chores done and plug through the to-do list). On that given day, it was warm outside, and I felt like we were kind of in a rut, and so, instead of doing our usual routine, I decided to change things up. And you know what? It was awesome! I think making a change to our schedule really gave me, and my kids, the boost that we needed. Sometimes change, or even just doing things differently can be hard, but sometimes it is just what we need to push us forward and feel rejuvenated. 

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