Reflective Journal- week 9

1. What did you actually learned from the unit. This week I learned that, to my surprise, I actually like creating staffing schedules! haha! I thought this would be another unit that would not interest me, but I actually really enjoyed it! I learned that there are many ways to do staffing, and I think there are many factors that lead into what the best method is for any given organization. I also saw a glimpse of how hard it can also be to staff in a way that pleases everyone. I can only imagine that the people who are in charge of staffing probably often have people made at them, even though they are just doing their very best. And lastly, I also learned that there are a lot of factors that affect staffing, such as: individual employees availability, number of patients, nurse/patient ratios, holidays, vacation days, on-call protocols, and so much more.

2. Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why? I definitely learned a ton from the team activities this week. The staffing assignment was kinda fun. There were a few ideas I had on how to create the schedule, and my teammates had some different ideas. My original thoughts did change as I heard the ideas of my teammates. For example, I thought we would have to have nurses work overtime in order to accommodate the nurses on vacation. But a teammate of mine pointed out that we should have enough staff to allow for people to take vacation days, without having to force others to go into overtime. Plus, she pointed out that we have PRN nurses, and float pool nurses that can help cover any other holes that need to be filled. I realized that there really are a lot of different ways to manage a schedule and it was good to see other people’s ideas. I also liked the discussion where I heard how staffing works at my teammates places of employment. We all had different experiences, so I was able to learn about several different styles.

3. How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice. Well, starting immediately, I will be more grateful for the way we do staffing at my organization and grateful to my charge nurse who creates the schedules. I will also try to be more flexible, now that I see how hard it can be to accommodate everyone and their wishes. I also think that the things I learned this week will become extremely valuable if and when I am in a position where I am in charge of doing staffing. I now have several different ideas on how staffing can be done, and I understand some of the important things to pay attention to. 

4. Your personal feelings about the material covered. This was a good week for me. I enjoyed the topic so much more than I have for the past two weeks. I wasn’t sure if I’d like learning about staffing, but I really did. I have always enjoyed making lists and organizing things, so this really tapped into that side of me! I found the team activities to be very valuable. I also liked the lectures. It was a good week and I learned a lot of valuable information.

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