Reflective Journal- Week 3

Another week of class has passed! This week, we learned about Hiring. The purpose of this post is to reflect on what I have learned this week. 

1. What did you actually learned from the unit.
This week we learned about hiring. In previous nursing classes we have talked about interviews from the viewpoint of being the interviewee. This week, however, we discussed interviews from the viewpoint of the interviewer. We had to come up with behavior-based questions that could be asked in an interview, and also questions we could ask a hiring manager if we were to interview them about what it is like to hire people. My favorite part of this week’s lesson were the lecture videos. I really enjoyed listening to those. Of all of the assignments this week, I think I learned the most from those. I learned that the hiring process is much more involved than I had realized. It is no quick process to hire someone; it takes quite a bit of time. You have to decide there is a need to hire, talk to upper management about it, get approval, talk to HR, get the position written up and posted, accept applications, filter through applications, prepare for/hold/evaluate each interview, select a candidate for hire, go through the background check and reference check, make the hire, and then train the new hire. There really is a lot to it. I think that is the biggest thing that I learned this week.

2. Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why?
I enjoyed discussing the question as a team this week. We were given information on two candidates up for hire for a new manager position and we had to choose which one to hire. Most of us leaned toward the same candidate from the get-go, but we had a few different reasons for leaning toward that candidate, so it was interesting to hear different people’s thought processes. My opinion on which candidate was best did not change, but my reasoning why did develop more after discussing it with the team. For example, I wondered if the fact that candidate #1 had a family farm would potentially make her too busy for the position. However, another team mate pointed out that the farm has been in the family for 100 years, which means she is very unlikely to move; and the fact that she currently picks up extra shifts shows that she is willing to dedicate the time to the job. I definitely was able to see how having multiple people looking at the same issue allows you to see more and make clearer and more informed decisions.

3. How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice.
Now that I understand in more detail what the hiring process is like, I believe I will have more patience with management when new hires are needed. In the past when short-staffed, I have often thought, “Geez, why don’t they just hurry and hire someone already.” Now, however, I realize that it is not a quick process to hire someone. I also understand that you need to be very selective when you hire because once you make the hire it is difficult to get rid of a bad hire. Now, I will be more willing to pick up extra shifts and help carry the load when we are short staffed, while we wait for management to move forward. I also think this information will be very valuable to me when I am in a position where I do the hiring. I will know to move quickly so that the process doesn’t last longer than needed. I will also be cautious when I look for who to hire so as not to make a poor choice. I also think I am better equipped now to hold interviews. I have a better understanding of what is allowed and what is not allowed to be asked in an interview. I also know the advantages of having other people, such as HR or floor nurses, with me as I interview. Overall, I think the things I learned this week will be very beneficial to me in future positions.

4. Your personal feelings about the material covered.
I really enjoyed learning about Hiring this week. I do not envy the people that have to hire, but I assume that one day I will be one of those people. Thinking through questions I would ask was fun. Now, I kinda wish I could actually use those questions and conduct an actual job interview. The group activity this week was nice and simple, I liked that. It was fun to discuss our opinions on the scenario and hear everyone’s views. I liked that it was kinda like a discussion and that it didn’t require a lot of extra work. As I said previously, my favorite part of this week was the lectures. I enjoyed listening to them while I did dishes and house work. I felt like they held a lot of useful insight into what it is like to be in a position where you are in charge of hiring people.

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