Reflection- week 2

This post is a reflection of what I have learned this week from class:

1. What did you actually learned from the unit.

This week caused me to think A LOT about leadership. I can honestly say that leadership and what makes a good leader, consumed much of my thoughts as I went throughout the week. I found myself thinking about people I work with, my boss, upper management, my charge nurses, and even just the other floor nurses that I work with. I found myself analyzing their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, as well as analyzing my own strengths and weaknesses. I feel like the main thing I learned this week is that I do have many strong leadership skills, and like I learned from the DISC test, I also have areas that I am not good at, but that I can always work on and improve upon. There are many different ways to lead and aspects of leadership. But there are some that seem to be more important for different scenarios than others and I would like to work towards strengthening my abilities in these areas.

2. Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why?

I felt like the team activity was interesting. I always think it is a little hard to do a team activity purely online because you don’t know when others will respond or do their part. It makes communication difficult. However, my team seems to be pretty great and interested in really diving into the topics. I don’t think my opinions were really changed through the activity, but my eyes were opened to different people’s opinions of what a leader is. I realized that I am more liberal in my idea of what a leader is. I was able to see leadership qualities in every person on the list, whereas some of my team mates were a little more hesitant to call someone a leader. The assignment didn’t say the person had to be a good leader, so that is where most of the difference in opinions arose. After hearing other’s ideas on who is or is not a leader and why, I still hold to my own opinion that everyone on the list is a leader, even if I don’t particularly like their leadership style, or if they only led in small ways.

3. How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice.

As I mentioned in question one, the DISC test was really useful to me. I think that information will help me grow as a leader. I feel more confident in using my strengths and my personality to lead, and also use those areas that I am not strong in as opportunities to learn and improve so I can become an even better leader. I also feel like I can use what I learned about different leadership characteristics to become a more well-rounded leader. From that list I was able to see areas that I can also improve upon that I hadn’t realized before.

4. You personal feelings about the material covered.

My personal feelings… overall I really liked the subject of this week. I liked thinking and learning about different leaders and different characteristics and personalities that you can find in a leader. I didn’t really love the Modern Healthcare assignment because the article I wrote about didn’t fit in with this weeks theme, so it seemed kinda random. But, it looks like we will be doing those summaries every week… so I will try to learn from them anyways as I go. I look forward to next week and learning more about how I can become a stronger leader.

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