DISC Personality Test

Today’s assignment in my Nursing Leadership class, was to take a personality test called the DISC Personality Test and to answer a few questions about my results. The test consisted of 15 sets of 4 adjectives. To take the test you select one adjective from each column that bests describes you. Here is the table, with my results in bold:

  Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
1 Strong-Willed Persuasive Kind Humble
2 Independent Sociable Pleasant Cooperative
3 Bold Lively Loyal Passive
4 Competitive Cheerful Obliging Open-minded
5 Daring Humorous Calm Precise
6 Pioneering Trusting Lenient Tolerant
7 Persistent Entertaining Obedient Neat
8 Energetic Sociable Lenient Peaceful
9 Risk Taker Good-mixer Patient Precise
10 Determined Energetic Self-controlled Systematic
11 Aggressive Charismatic Good-natured Careful
12 Restless Talkative Controlled Conventional
13 Decisive Popular Neighborly Organized
14 Adventurous Friendly Moderate Receptive
15 Brave Inspiring Submissive Shy

Column 1 refers to Dominant Personality.

Column 2 refers to Influential Personality.

Column 3 refers to Steady Personality.

Column 4 refers to Conscientious Personality.

The Results of my TEST:

With 9 of my adjectives being in Column 3, 4 in Column 2, and only 1 in each of Column 1 and 4, this test shows that I am clearly a Steady Personality with a tad bit of Influential and almost no Dominant nor Conscientious. 

Was This a Revelation/Knew Knowledge About Myself:

I would have to say no. Taking tests like this can be a little hard because sometimes you can see yourself with more than one of the adjectives in the set. Or, depending on the situation you may see yourself displaying one adjective or another. However, I tried my best to select the answer that I felt was most true to me most of the time. I think the results show pretty clearly who I am. It is no surprise to me, or probably to anyone who knows me well, that I am a steady person. That is actually a great way to describe me. Though I am social, like to have fun, can take charge when needed, and am learning to be more organized and precise, I am overall a very steady person. I am very comfortable with who I am and stick to what I know and believe.

How Will This Affect My Leadership Style:

I love that this test talks about the strengths and weaknesses of each category. Seeing that I am Steady, I can see that I am very valuable to a team, that I am able to follow a dominant leader, but that I can also take more supportive leadership positions such as managerial or assistant roles. I like that this test reminded me that I am not a dominant personality, but I do not need to be a dominant personality to still lead. I can use the strengths that I have to lead in my own way. In my own leadership style, I can also recognize my weaknesses, and delegate things to other people who have different strengths than I do. For example, I am not a conscientious personality, so precision and organization are not my forte. Therefore, I can learn to delegate as a leader and give tasks that require those traits to people who have the personality more fitted for such tasks. Overall, I think this knowledge will help me to develop a leadership style that allows me to use my strengths and the strengths of others effectively.

What Will I Do With The Knowledge I Gained From This Test:

One thing that stands out to me as I took this test and study the results, is that although I may be dominant in one personality trait, I can still develop areas in the other categories as well. I will use this knowledge to focus on my strengths that come along with my personality, while still working towards developing other aspects of my personality. For example, I can work on being more independent, bold, and decisive, even though I am not a dominant personality and those things don’t come easily to me. Also, I can set goals to become more organized and neat, even though I am not naturally that way. I think this test is very valuable in this way, to help me recognize what things come easily and what things I can work on to be a more effective leader. I hope that by focusing on my strengths and working on my weaknesses, that I will be able to develop myself and be better prepared to lead in my workplace and in other aspects of my life.

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