All About Me! And Why This Blog Exists

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I’m Kellie, and I am a nursing student at Utah Valley University. I graduated with my associates degree in Nursing and became a registered nurse about 2 years ago and have been working with new mom’s and their babies ever since. I absolutely love my job. Working with brand new babies is the best! And another great part of my job is that I can work and be a stay-at-home-mom simultaneously! Yay! I am from Livermore, California, but have now lived in Utah for almost as long as I lived there, crazy! I love spending time with my family, being outdoors, participating in any event that involves water, having friends over for barbecues, and having spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen.

Ok, enough about me, now for why I am starting this blog. This blog is starting off as a school assignment, and we will see if maybe it will trigger a life-long love for blogging. I am currently working on finishing my bachelor’s degree in nursing. I only have 4 classes left, but I have been chipping away at them very slowly. This semester I am taking a class called Nursing Leadership. It is a class that will help me to develop skills and knowledge on how to be an effective leader in the nursing field. I am actually pretty excited to see what I learn from this class. I know that I have some strengths in the area of leadership, but I also think there is a lot that I can still learn that will be very valuable to me. As part of the course, we have been given the assignment to start a blog which we can use as a ‘reflective journal’. This blog, or ‘reflective journal’, will be a place where I will keep thoughts, information, questions, and a record of what I am learning. I may discuss class topics and readings and what I learn from them or how I can use them in my career. I might write about goals and how I plan to meet those goals, and updates on my progress. I might make notes on things that I don’t fully understand but that I hope to grow my knowledge on.

Anyways, I am interested to see how exactly this blog will evolve, and how it will impact my learning. For anyone you may come across this blog, I am sorry if it’s not exciting to you! But if you are interested in nursing, or leadership, or random peoples’ thoughts, then maybe you will actually enjoy reading it. Wish me luck, here I go! 

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